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Waltham Democratic City Committee


Meeting of Thursday, June 8, 2006, 7:00 P.M.

Government Center, 119 School Street, Waltham, MA 02451


Present: Ward 1 ; Ward 2 Maureen Bagge Fowler, William Fowler, Alan Muir, Edmund Tarallo, Edmund P. Tarallo; Ward 4 ; Ward 5 Michael Peter Gorse; Ward 6 Rhonda Bourne, Kenneth Doucette, Margaret Gallagher, Elizabeth Koutoujian, Peter Koutoujian, David S. Sandison, Joseph Vizard; 7 Thomas Barbera, Eunice Burstein; Ward 8 Elizabeth Bragg, Karen Jeanne O’Donnell; Ward 9 William B. Carolan, Jr., Jason D. Davis, Toby Fisher (19)

1. Call to Order – Bill Fowler, Vice-Chairman

2. Speaker – Gerry Leone, Middlesex County Candidate for District Attorney introduced by State Representative Peter Koutoujian

3. Treasurer’s Report – absent. April $ 162 Tom Barbera reported that the Heroes’ Brunch raised about $1,000. Tonight’s contributions - $30.

4. Scholarship Committee Volunteers: Alan Muir; Karen O’Donnell; Betsy Bragg

5. Minutes of meeting of May 11th approved

6. Reports on the Democratic State Convention

7. Speaker - Stephanie Noguera, Democratic National Committee, Field Director for Victory ’06 in Waltham. Contact info: 617-776-2676; call Betsy Bragg if interested in helping with Victory ’06.

8. Voter registration volunteers: Nadine Stein, Jason D. Davis, Betsy Bragg

9. Upcoming Events:

a) Third Middlesex Area Democrats picnic, Sunday July 23, 1-4 pm at the home of Anne and Tom Larkin, 246 Carlisle Road (Route 225), Bedford

b) Annual WDCC Barbecue: Thurs. August 24, rain date: Fri. August 25, time 4-8 candidates are welcome.

c) Third Middlesex Candidates Night Sept 9th at Best Western

10. Motion made and approved to send notices to all members who do not have an email address as well as to interested non-members.

11. Motion made and approved that the executive committee meet to prepare an educational flyer on how to become a member of WDCC and how members are to be informed of the meetings.

12. Motion made authorizing executive committee to buy necessary food for barbecue.

Next Meeting - September 14, 7 pm at the Government Center

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